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Logo Bandz Logo
Producer: Forever Collectibles

Logo Bandz is a vast line of shaped bands based on the logos, mascots, and iconography of professional and collegiate sports teams. They are produced by Forever Collectibles.


Logo Bandz has either produced or is in the process of producing a pack for nearly every team in the four major American professional sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL). Coverage of NCAA teams is extensive as well.

Pack Characteristics

Logo Bandz packs contain a total of 20 bands, including five designs with four of each design. They are packaged in a plastic pillow pack.


Logo Bandz packs retail for between $3 and $6, depending on the pack and the seller.


Logo Bandz tend to be highly regional in terms of availability, but can be found at many online retailers.

Other Notes

The ForeverCollectibles.com website is exceptionally incomplete and out of date in regard to Logo Bandz. Far more information on the packs, and on which packs are even available, can be found at auction sites and online stores.

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